Quack Mat Sound Deadening

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Quack Mat 2mm Damping Mat (25x Sheets per Pack – 16cm 25cm) x insulates and dramatically reduces sound transmission, stops rattles, deadens sound, and eliminates road noise.

Quack Mat Damping Mat is a polymeric based damping material with a supercharged adhesive. It uses constrained layer damping to lower panel resonance and absorb structural vibrations. With an Aluminium surface and a unique military-grade composition, it has been proven to be extremely efficient at the conversion of vibration to thermal energy.

Used extensively in vehicles – under bonnets, floors, wheel arches, roofs, . It is very flexible and easily contours to panels and wheel arches.



Quack Mat can be installed anywhere. Quack Mat provides a special deep tension Anti-resonance top. The Self-adhesive 2mm butyl based visco elastic polymer active layer stays stuck, even in extreme temperatures (-40C - +100C).

Quack Mat is made by the world’s leading manufacturer of sound absorption materials and it conforms to ISO 14001, IATF 16949, and OHS 18001.

The aluminium constraining layer provides maximum noise reduction and the core contains 30% more active material for superior performance over competitors. This makes it more economical to use as you can use less material.

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