Oxygenics® Five Star FC Showerhead

39.95 excl. VAT

The Spray pattern produces a powerful jet like spray which will leave you invigorated, and the shower comes with a built-in Flow Control (FC) value which allows you to adjust the water from a full flow down to trickle. The beautifully design Oxygenics® Five Star FC Showerhead is a single spray pattern fixed showerhead incorporating the Oxygenics Core™. The shower offers a powerful, dynamic spray and luxurious shower experience. The patented design of the Oxygenics Core™ has been at the centre of Oxygenics design for over 20 years.

  • Reduce water consumption
  • Reduces Energy Bills
  • Reduce CO2
  • Increased perfromance (over other water saving devices)
  • No Clogging with Lime Scale