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Commercial Insulation

Low-E Reflective Insulation is used in hundreds of commercial applications worldwide, including agricultural buildings, ice rinks, yoga studios, warehouses and open space duct wrap insulation.

If you are looking for environmental control in literally ANY application, look no further than Low-E Insulation.
Low-E Insulation products are available in a range of sizes and formats.

Commerical insulation can be used on the internal side of a warehouse roof, in park homes, suspended ceilings and pod insulation projects to name a few.

It’s non-toxic, safe to handle, has no fibres and does not emit ‘off’ gases. It’s perfect for use in all out buildings including provision and feed stores. Low-E will not absorb moisture and can even be wiped clean if required.

Low-E insulation can be used along with all other types of insulation materials to boost thermal performance and resolve issues which are usually addressed by traditional insulation materials.

Low-E Reflective Insulations qualities mean it is more versatile than most multi-foil insulation or bubble wrap products and it can used in a wider range of commercial applications. Some of the most popular insulation materials on the market that Low-E Insulation can be used with are Rockwool RWA45, Knauf Earthwool and Xtratherm Thin-R. It is also used with Isover, Celotex GA4000 , Kingspan Thermaroof even insulated plasterboard.

We also supply the very popular, very effective Low-E Seam Tape. It is recommended that Low-E Seam Tape is always used for joining and sealing edges, seams and rolls of Low-E Insulation together to maintain a VCL and create airtight seals to reduce drafts.