Low-E Insulation

At NDT we supply a range of Low-E Reflective Insulation products that are ideally suited for all types of insulation applications.

Low-E Insulation products are available in a range of formats from Vapour Control Layers (VCL) which can be used on the internal side of a property, and breathable membranes which can be used on the exterior uses. There is also a range of Low-E Insulation TAB products that are pre-cut 625mm or 416mm for easy installation between rafter or joist spacing. 

Upgrade your insulation with Low-E and make sure you don’t miss out on thermal performance! This insulation can help solve whatever problems come your way.

Low-E Reflective Insulation is the ideal choice for a variety of roof buildups as it’s versatility goes beyond that of typical multi-foil and bubble wrap products. Popular insulation materials like Rockwool RWA45, Knauf Earthwool, Xtratherm Thin-R and others easily pair with Low E’s superior protection from heat loss or gain making your project much more efficient in temperature control!

Complete your insulation projects with ease using Low-E Seam Tape! An essential staple, it’s recommended to always use this tape when joining together and sealing edges, seams and rolls of insulation. Doing so will help create airtight seals that can prevent any pesky drafts from entering the space for a more comfortable environment all around. 

If you’re looking for an efficient insulation solution but don’t have room to spare, Low-E Reflective Insulation is perfect! It offers the same thermal protection as other multi foils with a fraction of space. Installation is simpler and faster too – no dragging when you screw it in, plus cutting requires only a utility knife. The smart choice that pays off: save time, money AND valuable square footage with Low-E Reflective Insulation today!  

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Check out our insulation blog page for helpful tips and information about how using this type of insulation can reduce your energy costs! https://low-e.co.uk/blog/

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