Low-E Laminate Floor Insulation – Micro-E


Easy and quick to install under any type of engineered or laminate flooring, Micro-E Insulation offers an effective vapour barrier and thermal insulation with excellent sound deadening qualities. Micro-E Insulation will stop unwanted draughts and make your new laminate floor not only look great but feel more comfortable for years to come.

Low-E Insulation EZY Seal has a self-adhesive strip along one side of the roll to make joining rolls quick and simple. The self-adhesive EZY Seal edge can be used to overlap or seam join to another roll and ensures a strong bond.

“Our business is installing laminate and solid floors we and use Low-E Insulation and Micro-E Insulation under all of them. Its robust, quick clean and easy to use. You can feel your body heating being reflected while you install it.”

– B Taylor, Dublin, Ireland


Only 3mm thick, super lightweight and flexible Micro-E Insulation is the thinnest foil insulation we make. It provides a thermal break while our pure aluminium facings reflect up to 97% of radiant heat.

Micro-E can be used in all aspects of construction and regularly utilized in offsite construction and modular building but is particularly well utilized, due to its flexibility, in tents, yurts, sleeping bags, curtains, roman blinds and much more. Micro-E can easily be stapled, nailed, or glued and can even be stitched on a sewing machine.

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1.25m x 12m (15m2), 1.25m x 24m (30m2), 1.25m x 4m (5m2), SAMPLE – 15cm x 15cm

Product Datasheets
Composition Pure Aluminium / Recycled Foam / Pure Aluminium
Thickness 3mm
Width 1.25m
Length 24m
Coverage 30m²
Weight 110g/m²


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