Floor Insulation

Our range of Low-E Reflective Insulation products are ideal for all types of floors and are available in several different thicknesses to suit a range of different applications. 

Low-E Insulation (5.5mm) is extremely popular for insulating cold and draughty suspended floors. It is also used to improve performance of existing screed or concrete floors when space is tight and increasing floor height, with more traditional insulations, is not possible. 

Our SlabShield (11mm) Insulation has been specifically designed for use in Underfloor Heating systems, it provides a thermal break and a Vapour Control Layer (VCL), whilst the aluminium core disperses the radiant heat more evenly through the floor for faster response times. 

Micro-E insulation (3mm) is used extensively in the floating floor industry, providing a radiant barrier reflecting 97% of radiant heat. 

All three products save time and money over traditional insulation solutions. They are more compact and easier to deliver and install. They all provide thermal and moisture protection while improving acoustic performance. 

Unlike traditional Insulation materials that work by absorbing and slowing down heat loss, Low-E Reflective Insulation simply works by reflecting heat back to the source. Low-E Reflective Insulation is super lightweight and easy to install with minimal mess. It will stop draughts and reduce condensation risk. Low E will reduce heat loss and save you money on your energy bills while also increasing the comfort of your home. 

Our very popular Low-E Seam Tape is recommended for use for joining and sealing edges, seams and rolls of Low-E Insulation together. Low-E Seam tape will maintain a VCL and create airtight seals to reduce drafts.  

To learn more about Low-E Insulation, you can visit the Low-E Insulation blog page here https://low-e.co.uk/blog/ and read articles such as How Does Low-E work?

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