Low-E DIY Tank Wrap Insulation Kit

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Low-E DIY Tank Wrap Kit will increases the efficiency of your water tank, reduces energy consumption and lowers bills. Save as much as 20% with our quick and easy to install Tank Wrap. Traditional insulations do little to block radiating heat from water tanks.

Low-E is different. Made of 99.4% pure aluminium, Low-E Insulation reflects 97% of radiant heat. Simple and easy to fit. Place the double-sided foam tape/spacers on to the water tank and then wrap the insulation around the water tank. The Foam spaces/tape will create an airspace between the water tank and the insulation, reflecting heat back into the tank and saving you money.

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1.25m x 12m (15m2), 1.25m x 24m (30m2), 1.25m x 4m (5m2), SAMPLE – 15cm x 15cm